Are you looking for a lube that smells nice and is kissable or lick-able? Then come to Giggles today and check out our selection of flavored lubes by Wet. These lubes are water based and are kissable. There are many different flavors but the ones pictured are Sweet Cherry, Pomegranate and Tropical Fruit. There other flavors available such as Passion Fruit, Popping Cherry and many others. There’s an assortment of sizes to choose from as well, small travel pillows for a romantic getaways and larger bottles for daily use. Wet lubes are easy to clean with just a little soap and water. If you want a lube that smells good and probably better tasting than most, then Wet flavored lube is for you. (Shout out to our Wappingers crew for pic and content!) #Giggles #Adultsonly #Whynot #Wappingers #Carmel #Hydepark #Wet #Lube #manyflavors #Waterbase #Easytoclean