Hey everyone, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Don’t panic, Giggles is here to help. Show your partner is soft side with this lovely set and extras. These rose petals by Topco are so beautiful and give off the real scent of roses which will fool your partner into believing their real. Adding to your soft side is a mini short covered in kisses by MalePower which will outline every inch. These soft silk like kissy bottoms also come in women’s under wear. Now to really get your partner all loose, Kamasutra has a wonderful array of products, pictured here is the tasty kissable body powder in a chocolate, also available in other flavors. Atop is the kissable body oil in a sweet strawberry, perfect to rub on their neck and take a little nibble. But if you’re out on the town and the moment arises on your special Valentine’s Day, Kamasutra also has a travel kit full of wonderful goodies. Included is body oil, cream, and body powder which are all kissable. As well as a soft duster to apply the body powder, a small candle, and a water based lubricant. Bet you can’t wait to get out of the house now and try the cute little kit out. Stop in at any Giggles store and get ready for Valentine’s Day. (Credit to our awesome employee Mary for pic and content!)
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