Lube! We love it, we use both alone and with our partners. But what’s the deal with different “based” lubes? You may have seen/used water-based, silicone-based, or even hybrid lubes, but what exactly is the difference and what does it…do?

Let’s start basic. What is exactly is Lube itself? Simply put, a lubricant is any type of matter that aids in the reduction of friction. Lubes are used almost anywhere where moving parts are involved, ie. your bike, your car, your fork lift and of course…your gentiles. However, the lubricants you would use for a machine contain different ingredients then the ones you use during sex/masturbation. All lubes contain different ingredients depending on the brand, features of the lube, etc. But Most Lubes fall under 4 basic categories; Water-Based, Silicone-Based, Oil-Based, and Hybrids.

Water-Based Lubes

Water Based lubricants are made primarily with – you guessed it, water! Good ole’ H20, a natural ingredient that all of life relies on. For this reason, it’s no surprise that water-based lubes are considered the among most popular. They sooth skin, wash out easily, take a while to dry, and just feel great. Plus they’re safe for almost anyone, being as water is essential to us all. Most (not all) water-based lubricants are safe to use with condoms, and sex toys, without having to worry about wear and tear.


Silicone-Based Lubes

Silicone-Based Lubricants get there slide from silicone molecules. Silicone itself is actually considered a rubber, but can come in many many different forms from solid to – of course – liquid! Silicone-based lubricants provide more of a “silky” feel akin to lotion. Silicone is hypoallergenic, safe to use with latex, and take longer to dry up than water-based lubricants. The downfall of silicone based lubricants, is the fact that most sex toys are also made out of silicone. This makes it a bad idea to use with most sex toys, as it can wear them down significantly. Kind of like hitting two pieces of glass together, when two of the same element interact, there is a 50% chance that either object will suffer damage. Put simply, it’s not a good idea to use silicone based lube with any toy made from silicone. Another aspect of silicone-based lube, is that it is hard to wash out with water. This can be looked at as either a pro or con, depending on your situation. It makes sex in the shower, or waterplay in general easier, as it will not wash away, but proves to be a poor choice for a personal lubricant when you’re in a hurry; as it will take more effort and time to wash off.



Oil-Based Lubes are strong, long lasting, and good for sensitive skin. Although they are mostly natural like water-based lubes, there are some downfalls of oil based lubricants. For one they’re the hardest of the three to wash out. Although this (like silicone-based lube) will work good for water play, it is not ideal if your in any kind of hurry. Another downfall of Oil-Based lubes is that they are not condom-compatible. They can easily cause latex to wear and tear, and should not be used where contraceptives are needed. They will not re-hydrate your skin, as there is no water included, and can be harmful for internal use (depending on the lube). They are, however, great for massages, people with sensitive skin, and for personal use for people who want a long lasting lubricant.



Simply put, a hybrid is just a mix of two or more basses. Most hybrids are silicone-water-based hybrids allowing you to get the best of both. Hybrids can vary greatly depending on the manufacturer, and type of hybrid they are. So keep the ingredients in mind before using with condoms, toy’s etc.



Now that you know the difference, hopefully you’ll have an easy time making your decision when it comes time to pick out a lube. To see our selection of lubes visit, and enjoy!