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Care For Your Coochie!


There are times when a generic product just won’t do. When you’re taking care of something so special and sensitive as your coochie, you want something specialized for that purpose. At Giggles® we’re enhancing your love life™ by carrying the complete line of Coochy products. Choose from shave creams, body oils, lotions, feminine sprays, and [...]

Care For Your Coochie!2022-09-08T16:02:43-04:00

Pumped To The Max!


Trying to enhance your intimate times, with or without your partner? Stop by Giggles® and check out our automatic vibrating pussy pump! This pump offers hands-free suction, as well as, multiple vibrating functions and an air release button, for fast and safe removal. Make your personal playtime more enjoyable with this vibrating pump! Get yours [...]

Pumped To The Max!2022-09-05T21:20:47-04:00