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When Your Lingerie Is Blue, You Won’t Have To Be


Turquoise or not turquoise, that is the question. If blue is your favorite color, you are in luck! We have a variety of sizes and different types of lingerie in this beautiful turquoise color! If you wait too long to come to Giggles®, and we’re all out, you’ll know you blue it… Click here to [...]

When Your Lingerie Is Blue, You Won’t Have To Be2022-11-11T14:12:16-05:00

These Wings Will Bring You To New Heights


Get your glam on with these beaded, sparkly, crotchless thongs! Not only do I look really hot, wearing nothing but this, but it gives my boyfriend easy access! I love the bling and the butterfly is so delicate. And here I thought the only way to get wings, was to pound a Red Bull. LOL! [...]

These Wings Will Bring You To New Heights2022-06-22T13:04:43-04:00

Weed Bikini


This outfit is so cute I can barely contain myself! Whether or not you’re a club or festival chick, this 3pc tri-top, thong, and scrunch-butt-booty-shorts will definitely make you stand out in any crowd! And as an added benefit, everyone I attract will know I’m 420-friendly. Nothing gets me wetter than when someone hot comes [...]

Weed Bikini2022-06-22T12:42:56-04:00