Twist And Suck. Come On, Come On, Come, Come On, Baby, Now


Who needs a partner, when these suckers are available at Giggles? They are for nipple or clitoral suction, to increase sensitivity and are adjustable, so you can find that perfect pleasure. Click here to get yours today!

Twist And Suck. Come On, Come On, Come, Come On, Baby, Now2022-06-15T15:27:24-04:00

All About Sperm


Know a friend trying to conceive this holiday season? The perfect gag gift for new parents or a new dad: a hand-blown glass ornament shaped like a giant sperm with a Santa hat on, appropriately called, I think I can! When we think of sperm, it’s often associated with having sex, spitting and [...]

All About Sperm2022-04-29T17:44:03-04:00

Stimulating Vaginal Gels


Lets face the facts, there is NO limit to satisfaction or how satisfied one can be during intercourse or masturbation. Whether you are harder to fully satisfy (who doesn't love a challenge?) or easily stimulated (you go girl!) there are products out there that can enhance your sexual experiences. From warming and tingling, to organic, [...]

Stimulating Vaginal Gels2020-07-21T15:43:35-04:00