The Doob Abides


Dooooooob, did you see this! These tubes are dope. They’re air-tight, odor-free, and even waterproof.  They come in so many colors and each has a catchphrase! Doob Tubes are the best way to carry and protect your joints on the go, and nobody will be the wiser.

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Male Enhancement


Male enhancement products are all about making you last longer and be harder when it comes to getting your groove on! Here at Giggles, we have the best selection of male enhancement goods that will bring out the best in your in any situation. Here is a list of a few that may peak your [...]

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It’s Cold Out There! Warm things up with Giggles!


We have some great sales this week at our Hudson Valley Giggles locations! Take a look! All Master Series Novelties - 20% off Entire Selection Ben Wa Balls/Kegal Balls-20% Off Original G-Pen or Herbal G-Pen- 15% Off iCollection Hanging Lingerie-15% Off Entire Selection of Sliquid Lubes-15% Off *Cannot be combined with any other sale or [...]

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Looking To Get Into The Swing of Things?!


Looking into getting a swing for the bedroom, but don't want the hassle of installing it? Try an over the door swing. The Deluxe Fantasy Door Swing by Pipdream holds up to 300 lbs. and requires no installation. Just throw the heavy-duty metal tubing over the door and you're good to go! Best of all, [...]

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