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What Can This Toy Do? The Answer Will Shock You!


Looking for some naughty nipple play? These nipple clamps hook to a power unit to provide the user with amazing electric stimulation. Go from a mild, but enjoyable tingle, to a throbbing tap; you’re in control! Enhance your love life™ at Giggles®! Click here to get yours!

What Can This Toy Do? The Answer Will Shock You!2022-11-08T15:57:32-05:00

Helloooooo Nurse!


This naughty nurse costume, by Leg Avenue, is perfect for roleplay in the bedroom or for a dazzling entrance at a Halloween party. This ultra-sexy 4-piece costume includes the garter dress, arm-band, hat, and heart apron. You can get this or look at the many other selections from Leg Avenue, at Giggles®, where we’re enhancing [...]

Helloooooo Nurse!2022-09-28T16:36:31-04:00

Off The Cuff Fun…


Not all things bondage have to be crude. They can be cute and comforting, even when you’re trying to be naughty and rough. Love Cuffs are fluffy, adorable (and real) cuffs for some kinky fun. Whether you’re just looking to explore some bondage, or just spice some things up, this is for those of us [...]

Off The Cuff Fun…2023-03-09T10:23:22-05:00

Give Up Control And Give In To Pleasure


Make your date extra playful with this discreet remote-controlled vibrator by VeDo. Give your partner the controller, and the control, to make you feel naughty and amazing. Can you hide your arousal from those around you? With 10 vibration modes, 6 intensity levels, and whisper mode, you’ll be able to have a big O any [...]

Give Up Control And Give In To Pleasure2022-07-04T12:03:12-04:00