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Set Yer Lips A Twitchin’


Are you and your partner fans of discreet play, no matter the location? Stop by Giggles® and get your own Hidden Pleasure Remote-Controlled Vibrating Panties! This fun toy comes with panties made from lace and satin ribbon, with a secret pocket for the silicone vibrator to discreetly slip into. Choose between the seven speeds and [...]

Set Yer Lips A Twitchin’2022-08-30T16:36:59-04:00

Keeping It Fresh And Hot In The Bedroom


We have a new collection of lace lingerie at the best prices! From bras to garter belts and thongs­, Giggles has got you covered! Nothing keeps the romance alive in my relationship, like some fresh, new, lingerie. I look hot, which makes me feel sexy, and my boyfriend always looks forward to my sizzling new [...]

Keeping It Fresh And Hot In The Bedroom2022-06-22T13:23:43-04:00