Life Was Meant To Be Lived In Color


Summertime is quickly approaching which means it is time for summer festivals and fun times with your friends. Neon Play Paints will add some color and some fun to your outfit. The Neon Play Paints will shine under any black lights which, will enhance the fun at the party and make you look sexy. Come [...]

Life Was Meant To Be Lived In Color2022-06-24T16:25:51-04:00

Lipstick, For Your Other Lips…


Ladies, are you going on a trip, either alone or with a bunch of girlfriends, to meet the man of your dreams? If you find yourself with no luck, then make sure you pack the Pink Pussycat Vibrating Lipstick. The Vibrating Lipstick will fit into any type of suitcase perfectly and no one will ever [...]

Lipstick, For Your Other Lips…2022-06-20T17:03:32-04:00

Get Noticed In Any Crowd


Finally, concerts and festivals are happening again, in this crazy world. Ladies, if you are looking for an outfit that will turn everyone’s head at the concert, then this hot Leg Avenue number will accomplish your goal. This hot mini dress is perfect for going to the club, concerts, and festivals, and it can even [...]

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Spring Fever!


It finally actually feels like spring! Along with the warmer weather comes Spring Fever.  Yes, the season actually does have an effect on your libido! Know why?  Longer days of course mean more sunlight. More sunlight (as little as 15 minutes a day!) means a healthier body. Healthy bodies mean healthy libidos. More sunlight also [...]

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Pleasure When Prego


By Giggles Staff Do you know what to expect under the sheets when you’re “expecting”? When it comes to sex and orgasms, if your doctor says its OFF-LIMITS then its off-limits. But if your practitioner gives you the green light, then self-pleasuring, conventional sex and less vanilla sexual activities can be perfectly safe while you’re [...]

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Male Enhancement


Male enhancement products are all about making you last longer and be harder when it comes to getting your groove on! Here at Giggles, we have the best selection of male enhancement goods that will bring out the best in your in any situation. Here is a list of a few that may peak your [...]

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The Holidays are Here at Giggles!


We love the Holidays here at Giggles! It's the perfect time to try new things and enjoy new experiences, so why not experiment in the bedroom? Why not start small by trialling some new sex positions or go all the way by adding sex toys to your antics. Whatever you decide, take it slow and enjoy discovering new [...]

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Looking To Get Into The Swing of Things?!


Looking into getting a swing for the bedroom, but don't want the hassle of installing it? Try an over the door swing. The Deluxe Fantasy Door Swing by Pipdream holds up to 300 lbs. and requires no installation. Just throw the heavy-duty metal tubing over the door and you're good to go! Best of all, [...]

Looking To Get Into The Swing of Things?!2020-07-21T15:43:36-04:00