What The Fuck?!?!


This game is not for the faint of heart. It is offensive enough to make you say “What the F*CK”.  These filthy questions are great for a good laugh with friends or partners. You have to try to guess the answer that another player will give, to some of the raunchiest questions imaginable. If you [...]

What The Fuck?!?!2022-07-28T13:09:14-04:00

When It Comes To Anal, We Don’t Mess Around


These bad boys will satisfy any anal adventure seeker! Giggles carries both the Titan and the Gladiator, made by Zero Tolerance. These premium PVC butt plugs stand at almost 9.25” with a diameter of 3.92”. They’ll reach deep and give you that full feeling you desire. Both come with suction cups for hands-free fun and [...]

When It Comes To Anal, We Don’t Mess Around2022-07-15T13:44:50-04:00

Racy To The Finish Line…


If it’s silky, flexible, and powerful, it must be the Racy Mini Massager from Pillow Talk! This classy vibrator offers more than just function; it also has a beautiful Swarovski crystal, to give it that elegant charm, that the Pillow Talk brand is known for. You can purchase this powerfully portable, classy vibe, at any [...]

Racy To The Finish Line…2022-07-03T22:08:10-04:00