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Hop On Down


Looking for something new to try out in the bedroom? Come by Giggles® and check out all of the masks in our fetish room! Inside we have all different kinds of role play and BDSM outfits for you and your partner to browse through, from lingerie and masks to cuffs and restraints, we got them [...]

Hop On Down2022-09-12T07:55:35-04:00

Chokers, Leashes, And Cuffs, Oh My!


Searching for an outfit that will coordinate with your kinky lifestyle? Stop in Giggles® and look at all of our fun BDSM outfits in our fetish room! Some outfits, such as this one, have a choker with a loop to attach your favorite leash to, while others come with cuffs so that you and your [...]

Chokers, Leashes, And Cuffs, Oh My!2022-09-02T15:35:09-04:00