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This Product is Truly “Wanderful”


Who needs a Superman when you have the Wand-er Women! This wand, by Satisfyer, is extra-large in size and provides pleasure unlike any other! With 50 different vibration combinations, its sensations will have you coming back for more! The Wand-er Women is made of body-safe silicone and since it’s rechargeable, it really is a favorite [...]

This Product is Truly “Wanderful”2022-11-14T14:12:16-05:00

Keep ‘Em Clean


You have your favorite toy, now you need the best toy cleaner to keep that toy as good as new.  Here at Giggles®, we carry a huge selection of toy cleaners, so you can make an easy decision on what’s best. Your toys take care of you, so you need to take care of them! [...]

Keep ‘Em Clean2022-11-08T15:32:15-05:00

Maximize Your Assets


When in need of something sexy and sweet, you can never go wrong with a little lacy one-piece. Like your favorite black dress, but much, much less. Classy and tantalizing, it’s simply sweet. Seduce your partner with just enough skin to make them drool, and all your best teasingly hidden. They won’t be able to [...]

Maximize Your Assets2022-09-11T18:55:56-04:00

Who’s A Good Boy? Yes You Are!


No need to keep shopping, your puppy's favorite new toy is here! Oxballs has the solution for bad puppies and good ones alike, with this absolutely precious cock ring that tells everyone who can see, just what a good boy you're training. Get yours at Giggles®, why not!?™ Click here to get yours!

Who’s A Good Boy? Yes You Are!2023-03-09T10:23:28-05:00