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Become A Clitorary Scholar


Throughout the ages, and even in modern times, there’s a lot of mystery, partial truths, and flat-out misinformation regarding the clitoris. The Clitoral Truth takes an in-depth look at anatomy and sexual response. It also discusses ways to enhance sexual response. This book contains personal accounts, comprehensive illustrations, and a thorough appendix of female sexuality [...]

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Make Him Dessert


How do you improve a blow job? For both parties involved? That’s easy, you use Pro Blo flavored blow job gels! Not only will this warming gel enhance the pleasurable sensations for him, but it will offer one of nine amazing flavors for the giver to enjoy! If you’re not a fan of the flavor [...]

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Pumped To The Max!


Trying to enhance your intimate times, with or without your partner? Stop by Giggles® and check out our automatic vibrating pussy pump! This pump offers hands-free suction, as well as, multiple vibrating functions and an air release button, for fast and safe removal. Make your personal playtime more enjoyable with this vibrating pump! Get yours [...]

Pumped To The Max!