This Is One Way To Sweeten The Deal


Oral is great, but the flavor is not for everyone! That's why Sweeten'd Blow is here with delicious sweet and fruity flavors that arouse him and delight her! Try strawberry, bubblegum, watermelon, and more at your closest Giggles®! Why not™, right? Click here to entice your tongue!

This Is One Way To Sweeten The Deal2022-08-15T12:31:49-04:00

Add Some Texture And Flavor To Oral


It’s like Pop Rocks for your pussy! Give your romp around the bedroom the POP it deserves! Sprinkle some of this delicious BJ Blast popping candy on your tongue and go down for a life-changing sensation that'll lead to some insanely sweet orgasms for you both! Not only will your partner enjoy the sensation, but [...]

Add Some Texture And Flavor To Oral2022-08-04T13:02:11-04:00