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Get Your Mind In The Gutter!


Have a fun game night with your partner and/or friends. Discover how deep your fantasies can go. Learn new and exciting things about yourself! Enjoy the delicious sexual innuendo, as you and the other players keep your mind in the gutters! Grab yours at Giggles®, why not?!™ Click here to get yours!

Get Your Mind In The Gutter!2022-11-04T13:01:07-04:00

When It Comes To Anal, We Don’t Mess Around


These bad boys will satisfy any anal adventure seeker! Giggles carries both the Titan and the Gladiator, made by Zero Tolerance. These premium PVC butt plugs stand at almost 9.25” with a diameter of 3.92”. They’ll reach deep and give you that full feeling you desire. Both come with suction cups for hands-free fun and [...]

When It Comes To Anal, We Don’t Mess Around2022-07-15T13:44:50-04:00