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Set Yer Lips A Twitchin’


Are you and your partner fans of discreet play, no matter the location? Stop by Giggles® and get your own Hidden Pleasure Remote-Controlled Vibrating Panties! This fun toy comes with panties made from lace and satin ribbon, with a secret pocket for the silicone vibrator to discreetly slip into. Choose between the seven speeds and [...]

Set Yer Lips A Twitchin’2022-08-30T16:36:59-04:00

Hide From Boredom By Going Under Cover, Under The Covers!


We all suffer from boredom, sometimes. On occasion, it can be fun to pretend to be someone else, in order to shake up the monotony. If you’re looking to change up your appearance a bit, Giggles® has a wide selection of different wigs and costumes that you can choose from. Give your inner character life [...]

Hide From Boredom By Going Under Cover, Under The Covers!2022-08-25T14:57:21-04:00