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The Recipe For Sexy Includes A Pinch of Pleasure


Make your nipples perk up with pleasure, using our heavyweight nipple clamps! They’re made with durable metal clips, but have soft rubber liners at the tips, as well as adjustable screws, to let you decide the amount of pressure you want on your nipples. The added weighted chain intensifies the pressure, when it’s pulled or [...]

The Recipe For Sexy Includes A Pinch of Pleasure2023-03-09T10:23:34-05:00

This Product Will Have You Hooked!


This is one of those things where if ya know ya know ;) The Meat Hook by Master Series is superior to its anal hook competitors because, frankly, it has more balls – literally! The three stainless steel balls at the end will provide significant anal stimulation when this product is used. Add a rope [...]

This Product Will Have You Hooked!2022-07-28T15:15:35-04:00