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Don’t Settle For Ordinary


Getting bored of your same old ordinary orgasms? Come by Giggles® to check out our Ultimate Climax-Her vibe! Not only does this toy give intense vibrations, but it also offers powerful suction with its waterproof, flexible neck extension so you can hit all the right stimulation spots. You’ll achieve climaxes, like never before with this [...]

Don’t Settle For Ordinary2022-09-08T18:26:33-04:00

Let’s Fuck!


Card games are still fun when you are an adult. It’s even more fun when you are both adults and in the bedroom. If you’re bored because your partner only seems to engage in one position, then this is the game you need to shake things up. Spin the spinner and whatever it lands on [...]

Let’s Fuck!2022-09-02T16:20:35-04:00