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Hit Multiple Erogenous Zones Simultaneously


If you’re looking to stimulate multiple points on your body at the same time, then Fetish Fantasy Series has you covered! The Vibrating Triple Suckers attach to both your nipples and clit, and will titillate and stimulate, bringing you to a sensational climax! After that, the suction releases with the push of a button, and [...]

Hit Multiple Erogenous Zones Simultaneously2022-11-25T15:45:25-05:00

You’ll Certainly Look Foxy Wearing This!


Explore your crazy and wild side! This tail brings out the inner animal. It will fit and fill you up so well, that you’ll want to wear it every day. The fur feels so soft, that once it touches your body, you will feel all warm inside. Indulge your fun side and drive your partner [...]

You’ll Certainly Look Foxy Wearing This!2022-11-04T13:59:26-04:00