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When Your Lingerie Is Blue, You Won’t Have To Be


Turquoise or not turquoise, that is the question. If blue is your favorite color, you are in luck! We have a variety of sizes and different types of lingerie in this beautiful turquoise color! If you wait too long to come to Giggles®, and we’re all out, you’ll know you blue it… Click here to [...]

When Your Lingerie Is Blue, You Won’t Have To Be2022-11-11T14:12:16-05:00

Variety Is The Spice of Life


Tired of picking out individual toys for yourself and your partner? Stop by Giggles® and grab our Firefly brand Pleasure Kit! It comes with 3 Halo soft cock rings, an anal plug with easy removal ring, as well as a dildo all in pink and in one convenient kit. If pink isn’t isn’t your color, [...]

Variety Is The Spice of Life2022-08-11T12:17:54-04:00

Slide Into Home


Red and blue, so shiny and new, but for who? it could be you, this is your calling, this is your cue, take that last step up with your shoe, it’s time to pursue the calling within you, for the red and blue lube. These water-based lubes come in 2oz and 4oz sizes and in [...]

Slide Into Home2022-06-28T13:39:48-04:00