If You’re Looking To Be Naughty…


For couples beginning to get into some bondage, the Sweet Punishment Kit, from Sex Mischief, has exactly what you need. It’s just the right equipment to start trying flavors beyond vanilla. All the pleasure, with little of the pain. I mean, the silk blindfold and fur cuffs are sexy looking enough, but then they’re also [...]

If You’re Looking To Be Naughty…2022-07-14T13:17:51-04:00

This Product Certainly Isn’t A Shot In The Dark


If you only buy one blindfold/eye-mask, this is the one to get! The Velvet Eye-Mask by Ouch! is great for fun in the bedroom. It fits snugly to prevent your partner from peeking during the fun; has an incredibly soft lining, so you can wear it comfortably for hours, and it fastens with elastic straps, [...]

This Product Certainly Isn’t A Shot In The Dark2022-07-12T17:08:49-04:00