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A Sweet Addition To Any Oral Session


It’s like Pop Rocks for your pussy! Give your romp around the bedroom the POP it deserves! Sprinkle some of this delicious BJ Blast popping candy on your tongue and go down for a life-changing sensation that'll lead to some insanely sweet orgasms for you both! Not only will your partner enjoy the sensation, but [...]

A Sweet Addition To Any Oral Session2022-12-19T17:28:10-05:00

Hot And Slippery


Let Giggles® help you turn up the heat! We have a variety of sensual lubricants, to ensure your play is unlike no other! K-Y warming liquid is designed to add heat to the bedroom, making play more spontaneous! This product is compatible with natural rubber latex condoms. Turn up the heat, at Giggles®, where we’re [...]

Hot And Slippery2022-12-15T16:17:30-05:00

Don’t Always Use The Same Moves and Be A Drip


Bring the heat into the bedroom with these violet drip pillar candles. These candles by Lacire are a delightful way to experience the sensual tension of temperature play. The angle the candle is held at will control the flow of wax. They are made with body-safe paraffin wax used in skin-soothing salon treatments. Once you’ve [...]

Don’t Always Use The Same Moves and Be A Drip2022-12-14T14:06:37-05:00

For When You Need A Party In Your Pants!


Time to have a rave in the comfort of your own bedroom. The Raver, by Evolved, lights up when you are using it like you are having a party. Its diamond-dimpled texture will provide extra stimulation and it features 8 different speeds, to make sure that the party in your pants is a rager! The [...]

For When You Need A Party In Your Pants!2022-11-25T14:41:05-05:00

When You Play This With Your Partner, Everyone Wins


Need some inspiration for the bedroom? The Cosmo Kama Sutra deck gives you a variety of exciting positions you never could have imagined. Not only will this turn fun into heat in the bedroom, but you might even learn something new! Each card comes with color illustrations and detailed instructions for successfully pulling the move [...]

When You Play This With Your Partner, Everyone Wins2022-11-21T18:19:28-05:00