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This Is As Close As You’ll Ever Get To Farting Rainbows


When you stop by Giggles®, you can spice up your normal playtime with this beautifully exquisite aluminum alloy plug set. It comes with 3 plug sizes and has an extra-long, tapered tip for easy entry. These plugs are a wonderful addition to any collection. We are confident, that when you see how great your booty [...]

This Is As Close As You’ll Ever Get To Farting Rainbows2022-09-05T18:29:31-04:00

Get More Fun Out Of Your Fingers


In any of our Giggles® locations, you can find our finger massager, the Pave LIZ. It’s made of luxurious silicone, also it’s waterproof, has 7 intense functions, and has a designer crystal inlaid controller, to compliment the soft blue color beautifully. Stop by any Giggles® today and enhance your love life™! Click here for superior [...]

Get More Fun Out Of Your Fingers2023-03-09T10:23:29-05:00