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A Stroker of Genius


Want to have fun after dark? Giggles® offer toys that will light up the night! The M for Men All Nighter is filled with fun! A self-lubricating toy, the All Nighter has both internal ticklers AND suction chambers, guaranteed to make your night fulfilling! After filling the toy, the self-lubricating feature lasts for 12 usages. [...]

A Stroker of Genius2023-01-11T13:51:42-05:00

Reward Your Good Pets And Punish The Bad Ones


Some people just can’t be tied down. Then there are those of us who are into that sorta thing! NS Novelties has you covered with their Bondage Couture line. Leashes, coats, cuffs, and gags are just some of the awesome gear they offer. This collar and leash, for example, offer realistic-looking faux leather with rose [...]

Reward Your Good Pets And Punish The Bad Ones2022-12-27T18:28:20-05:00

Warming Desserts Offers “Fresh Out of The Oven” Fun


Warming Desserts’ water-based lubes are awesome! Not only do they taste good, but they will also provide a warming sensation. Since these lubes are water-based, they can be safely used with your favorite toy! These are available at any of our Giggles® locations, where our goal is enhancing your love life.™ Click here to get [...]

Warming Desserts Offers “Fresh Out of The Oven” Fun2022-12-19T16:53:36-05:00

Make Him Dessert


How do you improve a blow job? For both parties involved? That’s easy, you use Pro Blo flavored blow job gels! Not only will this warming gel enhance the pleasurable sensations for him, but it will offer one of nine amazing flavors for the giver to enjoy! If you’re not a fan of the flavor [...]

Make Him Dessert2022-11-25T17:09:41-05:00