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Good Vibraitons


Anal play just got a lot more fun! The VēDO Bump is the waterproof, USB rechargeable anal plug, that has 10 different intense speeds. It also has a recessed control, so you can sit on and rock on this plug, without worrying about changing your setting. It’s extremely quiet and one charge will give you [...]

Good Vibraitons2022-09-28T13:23:35-04:00

It’s Better Than Catching All The Lucky Charms!


Looking for prettier anal plug toys? Stop in your local Giggles® and check out all of our anal plugs with designs on the ends! If red roses aren’t your vibe, we have other designs and colors for you to choose between, from pink crystals to heart-shaped rainbows, we got them all. Come in today and [...]

It’s Better Than Catching All The Lucky Charms!2022-09-16T22:07:25-04:00