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Ease Into Anal


Are you trying to get into anal toys but not sure where to start? Stop by Giggles® and get our First-Time Crystal Booty Kit! With three different sizes and their slender shapes covered in silicone, you will have the easiest time dipping your toe into the world of anal play. Conveniently available at Giggles® locations! [...]

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Booty Calls Don’t Have To Happen Late At Night


Need a fun, colorful step into anal play? Satisfyer's got you covered! With soft textures, unique shapes, and easy-to-use anchors, the Booty Call plug set is every anal queen's dream! They’re easy to clean and are compatible with water-based lubricants. Get yours at Giggles® today because why not?™ Click here to get yours!

Booty Calls Don’t Have To Happen Late At Night2022-11-11T14:02:01-05:00

Adding Sparkle To Where The Sun Doesn’t Shine


Everyone needs anal play in their lives, so why not look cute while doing it!? Start off small and work your way up, with this adorable Trainer Kit, from Luxe, sold here at Giggles®. Use it alone or with a partner. Enhance your love life™, today! Click here to get yours!

Adding Sparkle To Where The Sun Doesn’t Shine2022-10-28T15:15:17-04:00

Easy To Use And Aesthetically Pleasing


At Giggles®, we offer many exciting and easy-to-use products for anal play! Gläs is a must-try product! This Gläs butt plug has a tapered tip, which calls for easy insertion! This butt plug is made from hand-blown artisan-crafted glass! It is also fracture-resistant and hypoallergenic! Compatible with all lubricants, this Gläs butt plug is great [...]

Easy To Use And Aesthetically Pleasing2022-10-14T13:27:46-04:00

Good Vibraitons


Anal play just got a lot more fun! The VēDO Bump is the waterproof, USB rechargeable anal plug, that has 10 different intense speeds. It also has a recessed control, so you can sit on and rock on this plug, without worrying about changing your setting. It’s extremely quiet and one charge will give you [...]

Good Vibraitons2022-09-28T13:23:35-04:00

Your Ticket To Back Door Fun


Need more toys specific to anal play? Stop by Giggles® and look through all of our silicone beads! If pink isn’t for you we have others in different colors, but the end result is the same; a fun new toy to add to your collection. These beads are made from body-safe, phthalate-free material, and have [...]

Your Ticket To Back Door Fun2022-09-08T17:58:55-04:00