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Making Butt Stuff Easier Has Never Been So Simple


Try a little cherry for your peach! Anal-ese keeps the back door from breaking the next time someone comes to visit. ;) Rub a little onto your rear entrance, wait a few minutes for it to kick in, and then enjoy the sweet-smelling numbness that follows! Grab some at your local Giggles® establishment because, after [...]

Making Butt Stuff Easier Has Never Been So Simple2022-08-24T16:43:18-04:00

All About Pegging


Here at Giggles, we are the experts in all thing sex! With that said, we have created a new pegging section to out site that showcases all things regarding the fetish. For those not familiar with the term pegging, here is the definition from Urban Dictionary! Anal sex reversed. Instead of the man sticking his penis [...]

All About Pegging2023-03-09T10:23:09-05:00

The Holidays are Here at Giggles!


We love the Holidays here at Giggles! It's the perfect time to try new things and enjoy new experiences, so why not experiment in the bedroom? Why not start small by trialling some new sex positions or go all the way by adding sex toys to your antics. Whatever you decide, take it slow and enjoy discovering new [...]

The Holidays are Here at Giggles!2021-03-20T12:39:33-04:00