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In Loving Color


Betcha didn’t know we sold adult coloring books, too!!!! There are so many! We can’t even take pics of all of them, due to community standards, but we promise they are amazing!! We even had to look up a few of the sexual positions because we had no clue what they were!! Come, check out [...]

In Loving Color2023-01-11T14:06:55-05:00

An Environmentally Friendly Sex Toy


The Gaia Eco Bullet is just what you need to spice up your love life! It’s cordless, rechargeable, and comes in many different color variations! These little guys are also waterproof so you can take them with you wherever you need them! Gaia made this toy to be safe for the environment, and as such, [...]

An Environmentally Friendly Sex Toy2023-01-11T13:59:29-05:00

Leave The Back Door Open And Maximize Your Fun


If you’re familiar with anal beads, you don’t need us to tell you how amazing they can feel; if you’re not, you don’t know what you’re missing! That being said, these aren’t your standard anal beads, oh no. These come with a tapered end to make for easier insertion and offer multi-speed vibrations! Beads just [...]

Leave The Back Door Open And Maximize Your Fun2022-12-26T13:42:06-05:00

You Don’t Have To Go To Hogwarts To Get A Magical Wand


Wanachi is one of the best brands out there. Luckily for you, Giggles sells them in-store, so you won’t have to go searching high and low to find one. The wand has been stripped down and is now cordless, making it easier to bring it, wherever you want it to go. Going cordless was one [...]

You Don’t Have To Go To Hogwarts To Get A Magical Wand2022-12-21T18:53:45-05:00

The Most Amazing Vibe You’ll Ever Use


OMG! We’re totally in love with the Lush 3, by Lovesense! Its tiny size makes it incredibly portable, but it’s also a lot more powerful than you’d expect from such a small device. It also connects to smartphones, so the user or user’s partner can control the vibration patterns from anywhere! The Lush is also [...]

The Most Amazing Vibe You’ll Ever Use2022-11-25T17:25:08-05:00