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Adding Sparkle To Where The Sun Doesn’t Shine


Everyone needs anal play in their lives, so why not look cute while doing it!? Start off small and work your way up, with this adorable Trainer Kit, from Luxe, sold here at Giggles®. Use it alone or with a partner. Enhance your love life™, today! Click here to get yours!

Adding Sparkle To Where The Sun Doesn’t Shine2022-10-28T15:15:17-04:00

We ❤️ This Piece!


This adorable glass piece is a must-have for everyone. Crystál has a large variety of glass pieces in all shapes and sizes, made for just about anyone’s liking. Everyone needs their own glass piece in their lives. Stop by your local Giggles® shop and get your own today! We’re enhancing your love life™! Click here [...]

We ❤️ This Piece!2022-10-28T14:58:57-04:00

What The Duck?


I Rub My Duckie is a waterproof travel-size, vibrating personal massager, that is absolutely adorable. So, next time you’re traveling, you can bring the fun with you and you don’t have to worry about what the TSA agents are imagining when they go through your luggage. Come by Giggles® and grab yourself a duckie of [...]

What The Duck?2022-10-24T17:30:21-04:00

This Mug Is Out of This World


Enhancing your love life™ is only one thing that Giggles® does; we also carry cool stuff for all you smokers out there! Get your morning Joe with a side of Mary Jane! This adorable mug is here to make sure you start your morning off right.  Pour yourself a hot, streaming cup of coffee, and [...]

This Mug Is Out of This World2022-09-19T14:28:30-04:00

You Don’t Need To Travel To Antarctica To Get A Penguin


Stimulate yourself with this adorable satisfyer. Not only is it waterproof and made of body-safe materials, it has a bow tie. Made to look like it’s name, the penguin is very popular with the ladies. Click here to grab yours, today

You Don’t Need To Travel To Antarctica To Get A Penguin2022-08-18T13:12:04-04:00

Life Is Better In Color!


We’re featuring this cute AF, rainbow fencenet minidress, by Lapdance! If you add some pasties and cute bottoms, you can literally just stun them at a party. It’s a cute summer outfit regardless of whether you’re trying to seduce your favorite cutie(s), going clubbing, or you’re just out and about, being your badass self. Let [...]

Life Is Better In Color!2022-08-11T13:51:12-04:00