It finally actually feels like spring! Along with the warmer weather comes Spring Fever.  Yes, the season actually does have an effect on your libido! Know why?

  1.  Longer days of course mean more sunlight. More sunlight (as little as 15 minutes a day!) means a healthier body. Healthy bodies mean healthy libidos.
  2. More sunlight also means less melatonin, a chemical your body creates to help you sleep. Less sleep means you have more energy.  All that energy needs to be released….and we know how that goes!
  3. The sun also tells our bodies to produce serotonin, a chemical that makes us happier, which naturally makes us lustier.
  4. The warmer weather means your windows are open, you’re outside more, and you’re getting a lot more oxygen, which allows more blood flow, especially to the right places.
  5. Longer days mean more time to be more social.  You’re much more likely to strike up a conversation with a person of interest when there’s beautiful weather, you’re feeling relaxed, and you’re not bundled up in layers of down and wool.
  6. That warm weather is also a wake up call that it’s time to get in shape, and all that exercise releases endorphins, the feel good hormones.  Whether you’re working out in a gym or going for a run outside, heavy breathing and glistening with sweat, you’re more likely to have bedroom cardio on your mind.
  7. All of the feel good feelings going around makes people less stressed. When you’re less stressed, you’re more likely to allow your mind to wander and fantasize.
  8. Of course, warmer weather means less clothes.  The sight of exposed skin after being bundled up all winter is almost certain to get anyone in the mood!

No wonder springtime is well known for being mating season! Make sure you stop by giggles, whatever the season, for the best selection of adult novelties for when you’re feeling frisky!