Are you looking for a new toy for one of those lonely nights? Then come to Giggles today and check out our large assortment of toys and massagers, including this little number by Blush called Splash Strawberry Smoothie. Strawberry Smoothie is a waterproof jelly vibe that has multi-speed vibrations. Along with being waterproof it is body safe and latex free. The body of the vibrator is soft and flexible so you can move it anyway you want. The vibrator has a turn dial as a on and off switch so you don’t have to worry about any buttons. If you are in the market for a new toy then come to Giggles today and check out all the ones we offer including Splash Strawberry Smoothie by Blush. You will never go wrong with any decision you make. (Credit to our awesome employee Megan for pic and content!) #Giggles #Whynot #Wappingers #Hydepark #Carmel #Blush #Splash #Strawberrysmoothie #Jellyvibe #Waterproof #Latexfree #Mutispeed