Take a peek at this cute little remote control bullet that’s sure to put you in the right vibe. Power Slim Bullet is small and compact, making it super discrete, and also has a super soft feel, ensuring ultimate comfort. The best part of this gem of a bullet is that it comes with a remote control! This feature enables you to easily control the device from a wide range, getting rid of the annoying chore of fiddling around with it while you’re trying to use it– as well as allowing your partner to take the wheel and send you on a wild ride. You know you need one, so come pick up yours at a Giggles near you! (Shout out to our Hyde Park crew for pic and content!) #Giggles #HydePark #Wappingers #Carmel #AdultsOnly #PowerBullet #PowerSlimBullet #RemoteBullet #RemoteControlBullet #WirelessBullet #WirelessControlBullet