When you’re all alone do you like having fun in the dark but have problems losing your toy afterwards? Then come to Giggles today and check out our Glow in the Dark Pocket Exotics by California Exotics. The Pocket Exotics is a bullet that is attached to a remote with a speed controller. The Pocket Exotics is extremely powerful and has multi-speeds. Both the bullet and remote can glow in the dark, so all you have to do it leave it in extreme light for a good amount of time and it should glow for a while. The Pocket Exotics is body safe and unscented. If you are in the market for a new toy and you want one that glows in the dark come to Giggles today and you should be able to find something to your liking. (Credit to our awesome employee Megan for pic and content!) #Giggles #whynot #Wappingers #Hydepark #Carmel #Calexotics #Pocketexotics #Glowinthedark #BodySafe #HudsonValley #NY #EnhancingYourLoveLife #VibeOn