By Giggles Staff

Do you know what to expect under the sheets when you’re “expecting”? When it comes to sex and orgasms, if your doctor says its OFF-LIMITS then its off-limits. But if your practitioner gives you the green light, then self-pleasuring, conventional sex and less vanilla sexual activities can be perfectly safe while you’re pregnant.


Sex Toys


Both dildos and vibrators can be a great way to jumpstart your sex drive when pregnant. When you think about it, they’re just mechanical versions of the real thing. Just make sure that whatever you sick in-between your legs is clean before first. Here is a tip: silicon toys that don’t have any electric components can be cleaned in the dishwasher!


Don’t worry about going in to deep! . While it’s always smart to avoid penetrating the vagina too deeply with a sex, you don’t need to worry about piercing your placenta: There is a mucous plug in your cervix that seals off the uterus — and your baby — from the outside world.


Anal Sex


Like we said before, if your doctor gives you the green light, sex is OK. The same thing applies to anal. Proceed up the one-way street with caution. It is ill advised to go from anal to vaginal sex without cleaning up first. Otherwise, you could risk introducing harmful bacteria to your vagina that could infect you and your baby.


Bottom Line: We can’t stress enough to consult your doctor in regards to sex while pregnant!