Every girl needs a pair of clear heels. It’s much less distracting than a pair of lace, neon, or studded heels and allows everyone to look at that gorgeous outfit or new haircut. However, they’re also insanely boring. Clear heels…no color, no nothing. Just a little bit of a padding where your foot rests. Luckily for us girls, Pleaser has come up with a clear heel, six inches, with ankle straps, that has a small little button on it to control colored lights! Bring a little color to your steps with one of six color options; red, purple, blue, dark green, cyan, or light green. Or be the life of the party with a solid strobe, different colored blinks, or color changing fade. Stop by Giggles today to pick up your own pair of these dancing shoes! (Shout out to our Wappingers crew for pic and content!) #Giggles #WhyNot #Carmel #Wappingers #HydePark #Pleaser #ClearHeels #danceparty #lifeoftheparty #colorchanging #strobelights #AdultsOnly