Are you a fan of the hit show Orange is the New Black? Well here at Giggles we have some exciting S&M pieces from your favorite television show. Their pieces are great quality with elegance and style. Pictured is their Short Leash, Tie Me Ups rope, Sili Gag, and the Love Cuffs Wrist. The Short Leash has a detachable fastener with an adjustable buckle. The inside of the collar is lined with soft orange fur. The Tie Me Ups rope is a soft yet strong rope for a little restraint fun. The Sili Gag has a pure silicon orange gag with silicone attached to a leatherette. The Love Cuffs are adjustable and very comfy with orange fur lined inside. All of the pieces are not only stylish but very durable. So if you’re looking to amplify the fun in the bedroom, these pieces will surely do just that– great for role play and keeping things exciting. Come get yours today only at Giggles. Giggles, why not!? (Shout out to our Wappingers crew for pic and content!) #Giggles #adultsonly #Wappingersfalls #Hydepark #Carmel #BDSM #OrangeisthenewBlack #Gagball #ropes #leash #cuffs #sexy #elegant #style #erotic