Come check out the new Ohhhh Bunny line
of toys! With Spunky Bunny, Kinky Bunny and Frisky Bunny, you’ll have a Bunny for every occasion.


The Spunky Bunny is the cutest and fits comfortably on your finger, transforming it into a teasing, pleasing, vibrating pleasure machine. Let your fingers do the talking!


The Kinky Bunny is the strongest. With two powerful motors it’s ready to propel you into ecstasy. Its gently curved head will stimulate the G-spot while its bunny ears tickle the clitoris. Ears to make you shiver!


The Frisky Bunny ring is best shared with your lover. It fits nice and snug around his member to help him stay harder longer. Simultaneously it massages her clitoris with its vibrating ears. One ring to shake you all!


All the Ohhhh Bunny toys feature velvety smooth silicone, rechargeable batteries and are waterproof and whisper quiet. Come get one today and you can finish quick as a Bunny…


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