Lubes come in all kinds of textures, scents, consistencies, and even temperatures! Knowing what lube to use for what purpose can take your sexual experience to that next level. If you’re going to be using your lube on sex toys, it’s important to use a water-based lubricant, like classic KY Jelly . Silicone lubricant like Gun Oil is also great for anal, but can break down softer silicone or “jelly” like toys. Any oil-based lubrication will also break down condoms, so be sure to take this into consideration when shopping for your ideal lube!
If you’re looking for a lube specifically for anal sex, consider trying an anal relaxer like Anal Ease. This is specifically designed to relax the anus and let you focus on enjoying the pleasure! You can also try using a lube shooter. This will shoot the lube of your choice right where you need it, without getting all over hands or your sheets!
For oral sex fun, try a flavored lube, like Juicy Lube by ID! This lubricant is also latex safe so you can play it safe while having fun. Giggles also offers sampler packs, like this one by Flavored Moist. These are perfect if you want to experience a variety of flavors and change things up!
Warming lubes like Razzles Watermelon Warming Lube are great for foreplay and massage. Most of these lubes, including Forplay Succulents Lube Tube, react to breath and touch, and create a warming sensation when stimulated. You can experience both warming and cooling sensations with combos like Passion Warming and Tingling Lube
Still not certain of what you’re looking for in a lube? Try the Mood Lube 5 Pack, with different lubes for different needs from warming to sensitive.