Are you looking for flavored Lube but don’t like those big bottles? Or are there too many flavors to choose from? Well, you are in luck, come to Giggles today and check out the Romantic pack from Koala. The romantic pack come with 4 bears box of chocolate, Chocolate strawberry, red velvet and nature lovin honey bear. Each bear is 1.7fl. oz. and is a water base lube. All you have to do is apply a small amount of lube to enhance your natural moisture. If you are in the market for flavored lube come to Giggles today and you will find something you are looking for. (Credit to our awesome employee Megan for pic and content!) #Giggles #Whynot #Wappingers #Hydepark #Carmel #Koala #Flavoredlube #boxofchocolate #Chocolatestrawberry #Redvelvet #honeybear #Waterbase #4pack