Probably one of the most common fetishes that people think of when ythey hear “fetish” is foot fetish.  Foot fetishism can involve a wide variety of  turn-ons, like toe sucking, tickling, stockings, shoes, pedicures, the list goes on!  But why feet? It’s commonly thought that feet are such a common fetish because they can be considered taboo.  Feet are typically covered and hidden, making them somewhat of a mystery.  Giggles has plenty of products that are perfect for exploring this fetish! Try the Toe Tickler for one!  This item features a crop on one end a soft feather on the other! If stocking feet are what turn you on, Giggles also has a variety of styles and textures that will suit your desires, not to mention the sexiest in shoes!  Incorporating lotions and oils (some of them edible!) are a great way to step things up!