The Fluffer™ SaluSpa® AirJet™ Hot Tub

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Whether before starting your busy day or at the end, you now can slide into your very own Fluffer! That’s what we call the App-Controlled SaluSpa® AirJet™ Inflatable Hot Tub. Why do you ask? Keep reading to find out why.

Imagine, after a long day out in the world, getting home, dimming the lights, putting on a little music, and then sliding into your Fluffer with a glass of wine with your lover. When sinking into this wet, hot, bubbling hot tub that goes up to 104°F degrees, the Fluffer experience is like no other. Set up is quick and it can be used both indoors and outdoors. You might think, indoors the tub may create too much moisture, however, it doesn’t when you keep the top on when not in use and have a small dehumidifier in the room. It’s also super easy to maintain and clean. You can set it up and fill the Fluffer in less than an hour. If you use an adaptor (sold separately) and attach a hose to your sink or shower, you can fill it with hot water and be dipping in it at 100°F degrees within minutes!
This unique spa can be controlled from your smart phoned through the Bestway Smart Hub™ App too. This innovation makes the Fluffer one of the most convenient spas on the market. The app lets you set your Fluffer to the perfect temperature, activate the Power Saving Timer, then run the water filter and control the AirJet massage system, all from your smartphone! Turn it up on your way home and you’ll be soaking in the love bubbles seconds after you walk in the door![read more] The AirJet system features 120 jets that release bubbles from the bottom of the spa to create a relaxing, yet stimulating effect. These soothing bubbles are amazing and what better way to start your day than or relax and unwind after your busy day. Designed to provide the ultimate comfort and relaxation experience, this massage system features two intensity levels, so your relaxation time is completely customizable.

The Fluffer spa’s inflatable walls are made of durable, puncture-resistant, DuraPlus™ material that resists unforeseen damage. This type of internal construction prevents stretching and expansion, allowing the spa to retain the same shape no matter how many times it is inflated and deflated. The included Freeze Shield™ automatic heating function prevents inner components from freezing during colder temperatures outdoors. The Energy-efficient motor and filter system keeps the Fluffer clean with very little chlorine. The Fluffer is always ready to use when you are!

It comes with a pump that quickly inflates the spa, heats it up, runs filtration, and controls the massage system, the pump can easily be reached from inside the spa and features cup holders for drinks too! Also, included is a Chem dispenser that maintains clean, healthy water by evenly dispersing the proper amount of chlorine. To top it all off, the Fluffer spa comes with a reinforced cover that locks in heat while not in use, as well as keeping dust and debris from collecting on the water.

So, how do we come up with the name the Fluffer? Well, the president of the company sold his 8-person tub that was hardly being used because it was just too much work to maintain. Even just getting in and out of it was a hassle, not to mention the electricity it used. As he would say, it spun the meter off the house! After a year or two without a tub, he thought to himself, he missed having a hot tub, however, he didn’t want all the work and hassle of maintaining one, so he gave the Saluspa blow-up hot tub a try. Then one evening, after having a nice dinner and a few glasses of wine with his girl, they slid into the tub with one of the waterproof Pink Vibes and it was the most amazing experience they ever had in a hot tub together. This made the rest of the evening even hotter! So hence, the name was coined, the Fluffer!

  • Inflated size: 71 in. x 26 in. (1.80 m x 66 cm)
  • Perfect size for up to 4 adults
  • Compatible with the Bestway Smart Hub™ App that lets you control the temperature, timer, filter, and massage system from the palm of your hand
  • Easy-to-reach digital control panel heats the water up to 104˚F (40˚C)
  • The Air Jets release warm air into the water, surrounding you with a calming bubble massage and features two intensity levels
  • DuraPlus™ material is stress tested to offer superior durability.
  • Freeze Shield™ automatic heating function protects pump and liner from damage due to freezing weather
  • Power Saving Timer allows you to control the temperature of your spa up to 40 days in advance
  • Reinforced cover with safety clips holds in heat when the spa in use
  • Integrated water filtration system
  • ChemConnect™ chemical dispenser evenly disperses a stable level of chlorine
  • Fast and easy setup using the included spa pump
  • Spa pump includes cup holders for convenient storage
  • Water Capacity (80%): 177 gals. (669 L)
  • Contents: 1 spa, 1 cover, 1 pump, 1 ChemConnect dispenser, 1 filter cartridge (VI), 1 repair kit