A fetish is something, anything, that can elicit a pleasurable response. From feet to food, to clothes to texture, fetishes are as unique as people. Sometimes, a person can go almost their entire life without even knowing that they have a fetish! How can you avoid this near tragedy? Exploring what turns you on is a great starting point. Try testing the waters with various fetishes that you may be interested in. Of course, it’s always important to openly communicate your needs and turn-ons to your partner, both for safety reasons and so that they can understand and help you explore your fetishes. Broach the subject by having an open conversation about trying something different, and FUN! Another step is to head to the Giggles Storefront of course! With our vast array of products and a friendly, open, and knowledgeable staff, you’ll feel comfortable asking questions about our products. Which leads us to another important point, comfort is key. Always make sure you’re comfortable and if you choose to