We all know how sexy a latex article of clothing can be, but they can be tricky to care for. Fetish by Gun Oil, is the essential product that makes caring for latex clothing easier than ever before! This little bottle has more than just one function too! It’s special formula can be used for conditioning your latex clothing, keeping it in pristine condition through all of its use, and leaving your favorite latex piece with a smooth, even shine. Not only will Fetish keep you clothes in perfect condition, but it can also be used for a dressing aid! Simply lather yourself up, and slide right in! No more pulling and sticking. Get the perfect, easy and comfy fit every time! Come pick up your very own bottle at a Giggles located near you today! (Shout out to our Hyde Park crew for pic and content!) #Giggles #HydePark #Wappingers #Carmel #AdultsOnly #Fetish #GunOil #DressingAid #LatexCare #ClothingConditioner