Anal Lune

Do you want to expand your horizons in the bedroom?

Thinking about trying something new, like anal play, but are nervous it will hurt?

Well… Giggles can help make your first experience a lot more enjoyable!

We have lubes here that have desensitizers in them that will help you attempt penetration for the first time and not have to worry about anything hurting.

When using products such as Anal-Ese, always keep in mind that these products require some time to absorb into the skin so ALWAYS give the product enough time to do so. It should only take a few minutes until you are able to feel the effects of the numbing agents.

ALSO, now these are the most important things to remember!!!! – Do NOT push yourself too far too fast! Especially for first-timers, anal play should be done slow and steady at first until your body adjusts. And even more so because these products do slightly numb the anal area, this makes one more susceptible to tearing as you will not feel much discomfort. AND also remember to relax! The more relaxed you are, the less likely it is that any tearing or discomfort will occur.

Any questions about anal lube or anything else involving the matter, you can always ask your nearest Giggles employee. So come on into your giggles store today for your anal lube.