In case you were wondering…


Basically a dildo like a penis, but without a guy attached to it. A standalone dick if-you-will. They come in an overwhelmingly high number of shapes and sizes and they are primarily for insertion into the vagina or anus while masturbating (or when the female wants some double penetration action without adding another person in)

They’re also good if you’re in the mood for a penis, but there is no man around to satisfy the female’s needs. Many new style dildos have realistic materials that mimic the feel and sensation of the real thing.


Viberator’s do exactly what the name suggests; they vibrate. Many are designed to stimulate that ball of nerve endings that are located just above the opening of the vagina known as the clitoris aka clit. It has more nerve endings than a man’s penis, and FYI, every girl should know where her clitoris is. In fact, 70 percent of women reach orgasm through clitoral stimulation alone, rather than sexual penetration.

Viberator’s come in many shapes in sizes and vary in price, but the best way to find the out what vibrator works for you is through trying them yourself.