Have you seen woman on TV wearing corsets and wonder where you can get one? Call it what you want, “waist-trainers” are the new corsets and we have all different kinds at Giggles and! Maybe you want a corset to help add a little sparkle to your wardrobe for the bedroom or maybe to even wear under clothes for a tighter look.

Here at Giggles we have the just the corsets you have been looking for. Not only do we have our own line of corsets called Giggles Girls that are tailored by our master craftsmen using only the very finest, carefully chosen materials available today, but we also have tons of other brands for you to choose from!

These are perfect to add a little spice in the bedroom and to even help you feel amazing about yourself on a day-to-day basis.  We have a large selection of strapless, underwire, halter, lace, faux leather, lace front, side zipper, rhinestones, bows, under-bust, mesh, work-out ready, cup-less, and even corset sets that can include a skirt and G-string or both!

Your possibilities are endless and there is no reason to just stop at ONE! You can have many for all different occasions, from working out to hanging out to… ehhemm.. showing off your shape in the bedroom…. The list goes on, so why not grab some and see how simple it can be to transform your shape today!


Go Ahead! Show em’ what you’re workin’ with hunny!