Add A Little More Bounce To Your Step


ore pleasure?! The Kangaroo Ultra 3000 will increase the quality of your experience, tenfold. Take it about half an hour before sexy times, with plenty of water, and you’ll get better relaxation, sensation, lubrication, and orgasms! Before you know it, you’ll be dying to jump your partner’s bones! Treat yourself to the Kangaroo, at Giggles, [...]

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Become Cock of The Walk!


Improve your stamina with Jayden Cole! Endurance kits are nothing to be ashamed by. It will help you become better and better, without anyone trying to judge you. You will impress all your partners, with how long your endurance goes. It has everything you could ever need, so you won’t have to make multiple trips. [...]

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Get Your Motor Running


Purrrrr goes the cat, to increase your desire, to heighten sensations, to enhance women’s satisfaction. Everything a woman would want for the time of her life. Purrrrr goes the cat just for you.There’s a plethora of male enhancement pills on the market, but what about women? Here’s the answer, the Pink Pussycat pill! When you [...]

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The Doob Abides


Dooooooob, did you see this! These tubes are dope. They’re air-tight, odor-free, and even waterproof.  They come in so many colors and each has a catchphrase! Doob Tubes are the best way to carry and protect your joints on the go, and nobody will be the wiser.

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You’ll No Longer Be Energy Deficient


Need a paddle with extra power in it? Stop by Giggles and check out our zapping, studded paddle! When connected to the power box, it gives added stimulation of an electric pulse, for you and your partner to enjoy and engage in your BDSM fantasies. Only at Giggles! Get it by clicking here!

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4th of July Sale


It's that time of year again. The summer is in full swing and we're about to celebrate this great nation's birthday! We're having an amazing sale in honor of this holiday! Now through the 10th of July, you can get some amazing deals. - $10 off Kabangher or Tummy Banana - 2/$10 Minx or Juicy [...]

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Floppies Became Obsolete In The 90s


So, you’re ready to have an amazing summer with your partner, but oh no, you’re having trouble staying hard. We have something that will help you fix your floppiness. Check out the M.A.H.A 3000, you won’t be disappointed. Stop by any of our Giggles locations and check out this amazing product, before the sale ends!

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An LGBTQ Classic You Won’t Want To Miss


This book sits on a self waiting for you, it is brand new, now it is in your view, a new book for you is due, add new experiences to review, then go on to the next one to pursue, by the end of this book you will know, you flew. This Lambda Literary Award [...]

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