Divorced Diva Party Accessories!


Do you need the perfect thing for your divorce party? Divorced Diva has the perfect accessories to make you feel young and single again! Left your man? Leave with a night to remember with a Piñata; put his face on it and bring it to the ground! Or maybe find a handsome bachelor you can [...]

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Sex Tarts Lube


Are you a couple looking for some yummy lube? Sex Tarts is just what you’re looking for! It tastes like Grape Soda! What’s not to love? Stop by at Giggles for all your desires to be realized. #gigglesdotcom #gigglesworld #giggles #whynot #giggleswhynot #wappingersfalls #carmelny #hydeparkny #adultsonly #enhancingyourlovelife

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Max Load, Max Hard, and Max Size


Are you a man looking for more out of play time? Do you want a Bigger and Better Erection? Do you want the best climax imaginable? Max Load, Max Hard, and Max Size are everything you and your partner could desire. Get a 2 day dose or get the whole bottle and never be unsatisfied [...]

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BDSM Lingerie


Are you into BDSM? Well you’re in luck! Until January 20th all boxed lingerie $24.99 and up you get an extra $5 off! Come on ladies come pick out something sexy or too men surprise your lady with a special gift. #giggles #whynot #giggleswhynot #wappingersfalls #carmelny #hydeparkny #adultsonly #enhancingyourlovelife #BDSM #Bondage #playtime #lingerie

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Small in size but huge on power! This mini G-Touch by Revive is a powerhouse with a AA battery. Featuring 10 super powerful settings (5 speeds and 5 vibration patterns), a perfectly curved tip to hit that g-spot just right every time and satiny smooth finish for comfort. It comes waterproof with an easy one [...]


Ellie Shoes


Step into the bedroom tonight in these “Juliet” Platform heels by Ellie! With a 6 inch heel and a 2 inch platform, you willl sure make one “heel” of a statement! Whether you’re entertaining in the bedroom, taking some boudoir photos or trying to add some sexiness to your night out on the town, Ellie [...]

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Show Love this Valentine’s Day


It’s never too early to start planning for Valentine’s Day! At Giggles, we have everything you need to please your partner any time of the year, and when it comes to toys just for couples, Giggles has got it! Take, for example, the Cock Sock Bunny Tickler.   Not only does this soft, stretchy sleeve add girth [...]

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50 Shades Darker Collection


It’s been almost 2 years since the movie adaptation of E.L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey hit movie theaters and inspired both men and women to explore some kinkier sides to their sexuality.  2017 is already looking sexier with the sequel of Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, coming to theaters early in the [...]

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Blush Vibe!


Blush Novelties' Villain Bianca Passion Pink Rabbit Vibrator is a perfect dual stimulating vibrator. Vibrations emanate from the tip of the body and from the clit stimulating rabbit ears. 7 Vibrating functions of speeds and unique patterns for your every desire! The smooth satiny finish glides like silk across your body!

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