Mar 282012
Pussy pumping is the new phenomenon that is sweeping the nation.  The general idea behind pussy pumping is similar to penis pumping; you create a vacuum around the genitals in order to promote bloodflow and increase sensitivity.  How much do they help?  Well, within a few short years, pussy pumps have quickly become one of the most popular sex toy products available.  That alone should speak for their efficacy.  PLUS, as more and more manufacturers start coming out with pumps, we’re starting to see more innovation!

Pussy pumps come in three major varieties: clitoral pumps, standard size pumps, and stimulating pumps.  The names should be pretty self-explanatory, but we’ll give a rundown of each regardless.

pussy pump

Increase sensitivity for both you and your partner with a pussy pump!

Clitoral pumps refer to pussy pumps that have a small suction area.  The pump goes directly over to clitoris in order to increase bloodflow and sensitivity in that particular location.  These are extremely popular pumps, especially for beginners or those who just want the enhancement.

Standard-sized pumps are larger and fit around the entire labia.  These pumps are great for those who want a large increase in sensitivity and a visually appealing ‘plump’ look to their vagina.  This is the most common type of pump.

Stimulating pumps are relatively new.  These usually feature stimulating ticklers that rub against the clit while pumping.  While the other two pumps are ideally suited for couples play, these pumps are more designed for solo play.  They’re a great way to increase the intensity and frequency of your orgasms!

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