Nov 292011

An Improvement in Every Way



We-Vibe should get an award.  Why?  Because they actually listened to their customer’s complaints when creating the We-Vibe III.  If you compiled a list of grievances toward the We-Vibe II, it’d read something like this:

1. It’s not actually waterproof.

2. The vibrations aren’t strong enough.

3. The controls are hard to operate.

4. It’s hard to keep in place.

Out of those four, We-Vibe successfully addressed (at the very minimum) the first three.  Since it uses essentially the same exterior as the We-Vibe II, we’re dubious about whether or not they fixed #4, but we’ll need to wait until reviews start pouring in to know for sure, as it appears to be an issue more with body / appendage shape than anything else.

Anyway, back on to what We-Vibe did right:

They made the We-Vibe III 100% waterproof.  While the II was water resistant and generally safe in wet environments, the III is completely waterproof.  You can bring it in the tub or anywhere else you’d like.  In addition to making the We-Vibe III waterproof, they also increased the power of its vibrations by 40%.  That’s an enormous jump and one we’re sure everyone will appreciate.  Finally, We-Vibe acknowledged that it was difficult to change the settings on the We-Vibe II as the controls were on the actual toy and, well, those can be hard to reach when it’s wedged between two people.  Because of this, they decided to implement a wireless remote to control the vibrator’s functions.  If you’re not keen on using remote controls, don’t fret!  We-Vibe has left the manual control on the toy as well.

We feel that the We-Vibe III is a big step forward over the II.  Unlike a lot of other toy manufacturers who release updated toys with only slight changes, this iteration of the We-Vibe actually shows marked improvement over its predecessor.

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